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General Secretariat for Social Security

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Press Release - Notices

  Be informed with regard to the bulletins of type from the central web page of Ministry of Employment and Social Protection.  

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  Recent Laws - Relevant Circurlars

We would like to inform you that in the Government paper no 151, the Law 3586/2007


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  Mondernization Projects - Information Society 

In the field of the Operational Framework "Iinformation Society of the third Community Framework Support (2000–2006)",  the General Secretariat of Social Security implements its operational framework in the field of the Social Security.


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National Records of Social Security
  Κάρτα Κοινωνικής Ασφάλισης

The National General Record of insured persons and pensioners of the county as well as the National General Record of employers have been established by the law 2084/92 (article 64).


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European Health Insurance Card

Front side of the Hellenic European Haelth Insurance  Card


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  Social Solidarity Supplement for the year 2007

 In the field of the social policy and in an effort to support the income of the low income pensioners, the State has established the EKAS by passing the law 2434/1996. For the year 2005, the EKAS has risen to ...


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Citizen Service Centers



  Administrative procedures of Social Security Organizations, concluded by the Citizens Service Centers (KEP). 



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Information Society S.A.
    Information Society S.A. is a company functioning for the benefit of the national interest, according to the rules of the private economy and does not have any ...  

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